#IsraeliJudaism: Portrait of a Cultural Revolution

#IsraeliJudaism: Find Your Place

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#IsraeliJudaism: Portrait of a Cultural Revolution, by Shmuel Rosner and Camil Fuchs (JPPI). An innovative study that explains the blended Israeli-Jewish identity that is becoming the majority culture in Israel; both traditional and modern, rooted in religion but also anchored in liberal Zionist nationalism.
Best books of 2019, Jerusalem Post, David Weinberg

Shmuel Rosner and Camil Fuchs, #IsraeliJudaism: Portrait of a Cultural Revolution has now come out in English. The authors use survey data and some wonderful stories to describe the changes that are occurring to the religion as it is actually practiced in the first Jewish state in 2,000 years. It’s a fascinating portrait.
The Best Books of 2019, Mosaic, Elliott Abrams

#IsraeliJudaism: Portrait of a Cultural Revolution by Shmuel Rosner and Camil Fuchs… thankfully eschews arcane academic verbiage or ideological polemic for the blunter and ultimately more revealing instrument of actually asking Israelis about their identity. The results are vital reading for anyone interested in understanding both the character of the Israeli Jewish polity and the future of the broader Jewish people.
The Best Books of 2019, Mosaic, Haviv Rettig Gur

Rosner and Fuchs offer important observations on differences between Israeli and American Judaism. As the authors correctly note, these are largely shaped by objective reality. For instance, Israeli Jews observe more traditions partly because doing so is easier in Israel. But the largest differences stem from the requirements of statehood. Thus while both communities agree that being a good Jew includes being a good person, they often differ on what that entails.
Evelyn Gordon, Commentary Magazine

This book is an important contribution to understanding the values underlying current and past debates of policy and politics in Israel and in the Jewish world writ large. The authors are to be commended for undertaking this Herculean task.
Jeff Kobrin, Jerusalem Post

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