IsraeliJudaism: Authors Discussion

#IsraeliJudaism: Find Your Place

In Israel, the more traditional Jews are, the more right wing they are, says pollster Prof. Camil Fuchs. But the Jews who are not traditional still feel very Jewish. Their Israeliness connects them with their Jewishness in ways that are only possible in a Jewish state.

Prof. Fuchs is one of the authors of the book: #IsraeliJudaism, Portrait of a Cultural Revolution. He is also the tenth and last guest in the series of conversations about the book we conducted under the auspices of the Jewish People Policy Institute (JPPI). In fact, this last conversation is between the book’s two authors on the meaning of the text they’ve produced.

The book #IsraeliJudaism, Portrait of a Cultural Revolution, is based on the work of JPPI, and was coauthored by Shmuel Rosner, a senior fellow at JPPI and Prof. Fuchs of Tel Aviv University. The English version of the book was published recently and provides us with an opportunity to both present the unique nature of Israeli Judaism to the broader world, and to discuss its future and the implications for world Jewry.